Chick Master has a long history of growth and innovation. Founded in 1948 in Cleveland, Ohio, the company was a leader in development of what were called mammoth incubators because of what was then considered large capacity.
The company grew in volume and in geography with strong sales of its Classic incubation systems worldwide. In 1998, Chick Master’s management recognized the need to expand its product lines as well as its presence in the European market.
In 2001, Chick Master acquired the rights to manufacture Cumberland incubators that later resulted in the establishment of the Smith line of systems. Smith systems were compatible with equipment offered by other incubator companies because Cumberland manufactured these systems under license before becoming independent. Today the Avida S line is the next generation of Smith systems.

By 2006, Chick Master Customers were looking for better solutions for hatchery ventilation and energy management. After developing the Heat Recovery concept for hatcheries using primary recovery from the hot water leaving the setters and hatchers, Chick Master worked closely with several customers to install these systems into new and existing facilities. The Heat Recovery systems immediately provided significant energy savings while also reducing the carbon footprint of these facilities. In 2007, Chick Master was honored to supply the incubation equipment and complete ventilation and energy management package for the largest hatchery in Europe. By 2008, these energy management systems were running in hatcheries in Europe, Canada, and the USA.

Chick Master continues to innovate and develop new features for its incubation systems and energy savings products for hatcheries to reduce operating costs. These include leading-edge software for systems’ controls, egg-trays for better automation and more efficient transport, mercury free controls that are more environmental safe, ultrasonic humidification for improved moisture control, and many more. 

Through its rich history, Chick Master continues to lead and to address the needs and demands of today’s and tomorrow’s large hatcheries.

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