For many years now, when it comes to packaging technology, the name Theegarten- Pactec has stood for uncompromising quality, creativity and the capacity to find solutions: whether in its traditional domain of confectionery, or other foods, or also in the non-food field. But above and beyond this our name stands for clear affirmation of a company philosophy geared to technological visions and built consistently
on innovative ideas, responsiveness to clients and the solid development of skills and abilities.

As an international market leader and worldwide manufacturer in the packaging technology sector, we know what is needed. We know the high expectations of our business partners and the challenges of ever faster markets when it’s a question of making our contribution to enhanced productivity, innovative strength, and growth.

At the same time we remain more than ever committed to the proven values of a family firm that has grown to be reliably farsighted. Success is not only rooted in a first-class and dependable end product but above all in experience, trust, commitment, and a highly developed sense of responsibility. Accordingly, innovation and tradition are concepts that have always governed our actions, and this is not going to change in future.

From this perspective we warmly invite you to become familiar with our various products, which are intriguing from every point of view. Or even better: to discover the quality and added value that can make you still more successful in the competitive global market place – and which will give you the calm certainty of developing your strengths with the right partner.