WALTERWERK KIEL is a leading manufacturer of industrial wafer baking machines for sweet wafers and savoury snacks. The machines are well known under the name JUPITER for more than 60 years producing in over 80 countries worldwide. The production of sweet wafers can include rolled sugar cones with flat top and natural top, wafer rolls and wafer cups as well as savoury snacks. A high variety of oven sizes provide a customized machine configuration depending on the customers' preferences regarding products and capacities. WALTER offers more than 50 oven variations depending on the customer’s wishes. The smallest JUPITER machines for rolled sugar cones produces 3,000 rolled sugar cones per hour. The biggest high speed machine JUPITER C 20-306 has an output of approx. 20,000 sugar cones per hour. For capacities inside this spectrum various oven sizes exist.

The JUPITER snack machine for wafer discs can produce up to 80.000 wafers per hour.

The MARS IC series for moulded wafer bowls has a capacity of up to 20.000 pieces per hour. All machines are designed, built and tested in our factory in Kiel, Germany.