Beverage & Dairy

Never before has the selection of beverages been wider, more diverse, or more flavoured. New beverages are coming onto the market faster than ever and they are trendier than ever because more and more people are choosing beverages to quench their thirst and retain important nutritional qualities from the so-called liquid food segment.

Our business solutions for the Beverage & Dairy division reflect our partnership with renowned and leading companies in the field.


Since pre-historical times, man has exploited for his own use the properties of natural polymers such as horn, waxes and rubber. With the explosion of scientific knowledge in fields such as chemistry and physics, coupled with demands from industry for materials with properties which could not be found in Nature, the scene was set for the development of a whole range of new materials – among them the plastics.

Food & Confectionery

The variety and availability of food and confectionery is no longer restricted by the diversity of locally grown food or the limitations of the local growing seasons. The proper processing and packaging of food and confectionery allows such products to be traded and marketed on a global basis. In fact, some countries are now economically dependent on food exports.


For a very long time, hunting wild animals provided the main source of protein for mankind. The need for regular source of protein pushed for the development of herding and cattle production. More and more focus is put on the industrialization of such protein sources.

Meat, fish and poultry in all their forms falls under this category. Our partners in this field are renowned leading companies.

Processing Division

Combining raw materials and ingredients to make unique products is the main purpose of processing equipment. The basic steps for beverage and dairy processing may be similar, but each type of product has its own peculiarities. And every product type must go through a series of rigorous steps to meet strict regulatory compliance and safety. We strive to offer the best processing technology with simple, efficient and tailor made solutions.